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STAGE MAGIC Camirand Approach

Camirand Academy of Magic produce books, videos and DVD to learn magic tricks to be used as stage magic routine. Most depends on skill without gimmicks or special equipements. They are all suitable for parlor, cabaret and large stage performance.

Each Camirand Academy stage magic trick comes with full performance instructions.

All our rope tricks a suitable of stage magic performance, some of our close-up magic tricks comes with instructions and tips that make them suitable for stage. Perfomance on stage in today world with the use of video imaging permit

List of Camirand Stage Magic

Stage Magic: The Cabaret ACT - Medhi Talbi

Stage Magic: Jumbo Card Manipulations - Cyril Harvey

Stage Magic: Dream of ACES - Gary Ouellet and Alain Choquette

Stage Magic: Gypsy Thread - Gary Ouellet and Alain Choquette

Stage Magic: House Mouse - Duraty

Stage Magic: Money Shuffle - Hank Moorehouse

Stage Magic: Elections Night

Stage Magic: Ceremony of the Immortals

Stage Magic: Portent

Stage Magic: TV Performance Secrets- Gary Ouellet, Producer of World’s Greatest Magic

Stage Magic: Music for magicians book & free audio cassette

Stage Magic: Kozar Note Pad Prediction

Stage Magic: Silver Sanctum - Phil Matlin- routine by Camirand and Ouellet

Stage Magic: Three Ring Circus Colombini’s Ring Routine

Stage Magic: Entertaining with Balloons Vol.1 - L'il John John

Stage Magic: Comedy Magic 101 Mark Tripp

These ropes tricks are suitable for stage magic performance

Rope Tricks: Thee Ropes and a Baby - Richard Sanders

Rope Tricks: Mamma Mia Rope Trick - Aldo Colombini

The following are books that contains excellent stage magic

Stage Magic: My Way to Mentalism - Tony Binarelli

Stage Magic: Class Act - Tony Binarelli

Stage Magic: Close-Up Assassins - Richard Sanders (Bill in lemon)