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Rope Tricks Camirand Approach

Rope tricks can be very magical and are suitable for Stage as well as close-up.

Each Camirand Academy Rope Tricks comes with full instructions booklet plus extensive photos taken from the performer view.

Although we do not publish many Rope Magic Tricks, the Camirand Academy is very dedicated to Rope Magic. Our line of Elite Magician Rope is an example and the recommended choice for stage and parlor performance. We also make the parlor size magician rope available in color, red, golden rod, jade green and blue.

All the white magicician rope manufactured for the Camirand Academy of Magic is BRILLIANT WHITE UV LUMINESCENT. This means the our line of Elite Magician Rope are bright white under any lighthing conditions and fluorescent white under Ultra Violet lights.

List of Camirand of Camirand Rope Tricks

Rope Trick: Enclavor & Liberator - DURATY

Rope Tricks: Thee Ropes and a Baby - Richard Sanders

Rope Tricks: Mamma Mia Rope Trick - Aldo Colombini

Camirand Elite Magician Rope

Magician Rope Parlor Size in color:

Red Magician Rope , Golden Rod Yellow Magician Rope,

Jade Green Magician rope, Blue Magician Rope