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Music for Magicians Camirand Approach

The use of sound can enhanced magic especially music. Magicians can use music for Stage as well as close-up.

Gary Ouellet was a pioneer in using music in Close Up performance in the late 1960 period. He has been a director of a vocal group that performed during the 1967 Montreal World Fair at the France Pavillion. Gary has composed musics and lyrics for play and even TV ads.

Gary Ouellet understand music and magician needs from being himself a magician and as an art director and a music composer. He has created and selected music for many world renowned performers. It is after many years of consulting in this field that he wrote Music for Magicians. This is based on real life experience including producing the World Greatest Magic TV Special Series. The audio files that comes with this book with Gary comments and example will help any newcomer to this field.

The Designer Texture CD contains the sound bank he has researched and use to create most of the soud and music for the World Greatest Magic TV Special Series.

Music for Magicians book & free audio cassette

Designer Textures CD We strongly recommend that you do not buy this item unless you already have read Music for Magicians

Camirand Academy does not manufactured Sound or Light Controllers but we recommend the following devices

Device to control your music is an important feature to using music in a show environment. These device permit you to control from stage when music start and end and which track to play.

A more sophisticated method for the control of music is made available from Kerry Pollock's Creative Entertainment Solution and is known as MP3Tech at this can be view on this page

Also from Kerry Pollock's is the MediaStar which is a practical way to control sound, video, PowerPoint, and your DMX light settings with a laptop computer with RF remote control similar to the MP3Tech you can learn about this at: