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Camirand Academy of Magic

The Two Goblets
Gary Ouellet

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12.50 US $


The Two Goblets
Gary Ouellet

Everyone would like to get around to performing the Cups and Balls, but not until the release of THE TWO GOBLETS has there been such a mesmerizing routine that is, at the same time, well within the grasp of even the most fumble-fingered beginners! There is virtually no sleight-of-hand involved, yet the magic is astounding!

The magician introduces two stacked cups and a small ball. The cups are shown to be empty. Three times, the ball placed on one of the inverted cups and covered by the other, penetrates to fall to the table. Then, the ball is clearly placed under one cup, and flies invisibly to the other!

One cup is placed aside. The ball is placed on the remaining inverted cup, covered with a silk, then promptly penerates into the cup! A shot glass is covered with a silk, the ball is placed onto the recess, covered with the cup, and the ball penetrates the silk, only to be found inside the shot glass! Putting the silk aside, the ball is poured from the shot glass, whereupon it transforms into a large ball! When the cups are lifted, there are two more large balls!

This remarkable handling features:

THE CENOTAPH ILLUSION: How to show two cups empty when they're not.
THE WHOOPS MOVE: A vanish that has fooled some of the best minds in magic!
And much more! Clear text with 32 pages and 110 photographs

Take note: You will need a combination Chop and Cup and Ball sets for your convenience we offer the Morrissey Combination set this is item AC-004.


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