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Camirand on Mental Tricks and Mentalism

Mental Tricks are mentalism effects conducted within a magic presentation. Usually the perception of mental tricks is that the result is impossible to achieve unless the performer has special power. Usually when perform within a magic show, spectators are more likely to perceive this as an incredible trick. The same mental trick, perform within an all mental tricks show or mentalism show, is more likely to be perceive as the result of the performer having special mind ability or power.

We have two important publications on the subject of Mental Tricks and Mentalism, they are the work of Tony Binarelli a leading Italian entertainer who has received over the years several award for his TV works.

Mental Tricks Books

Mental Tricks Book: My Way to Mentalism by Tony Binarelli

Mental Tricks Book: Class Act by Tony Binarelli

Mental Tricks Book: The Complete BW Marked Deck by Boris Wild

Metal Tricks: Metal Bending, The Real Work - Patrik Kuffs

Camirand Academy Mental Tricks

Mental Tricks: Silver Sanctum - Phill Matlin

Mental Tricks: Elite Himb-Bomb Wallet - Binarelli style

Mental Tricks: Kozar Prediction Pad - Jean Boucher - Camirand

Mental Tricks: Ceremony of the Immortals - Boucher -Reymond - Ouellet

Mental Tricks: Location Impossible - Gary Ouellet

Mental Tricks: Election Night - Paul Flory - Gary Ouellet

Mental Tricks: Proton Deck - Boucher - Reymond - Ouellet

Mental Tricks: Nomen Omen - David Acer

Mental Tricks: Top of the Heap - Gary Ouellet

Mental Tricks: Portent - Gary Ouellet