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Camirand Academy of Magic is proud to offer Magic Video that are easy to learn magic tricks with performance followed by the explanations of Magic Tricks.

Our Magic Video are now availlable in full menu DVD multi-regions encoding

To learn magic tricks, Magic Video are great. Magic Tricks are explained with the Camirand Academy of Magic approach to teaching. Whenever appropriate, performer view is selected and the use of slow-motion video action make it easier to learn. Magic tricks at Camirand are selected for their potential to please a general audience as well as magicians.

List of Camirand Magic Video

Magic Video: Three Ring Circus - Aldo Colombini's

Magic Video: Entertaining with Balloons Vol. 1 L'il John

Magic Video: Entertaining with Balloons Vol. 2 Advance Sculpturing

Magic Video: Entertaining with Balloons Vol. 3 Showpiece Balloons

Magic Video: Extreme Close-Up Lecture Video - David Acer

Magic Video: Classic Studebaker - Peter Studebaker

Magic Video: The Chain Gang- Marc DeSouza

Magic Video: The Cabaret Act - Mehdi Talbi

Companion Video

Magic Video: Ouellet's Close-Up Illusions Companion Video

Magic Video: The Pass Companion Video -Gary Ouellet

Magic Video: Natural Selections Companion Video David Acer

Magic Video: DeSouza's Deceptions Video - Marc DeSouza

Magic Video and Booklet

Magic Video: A Dream of Aces - Gary Ouellet - Alain Choquette

Magic Video: Mamma Mia Rope Trick - Aldo Colombini

Magic Video: Close-Up Assassin - Richard Sanders

Magic Video: The Gypsy Thread - and Camirand Glow Thread

Magic Video availlable in DVD

Magic Video DVD: Metal Bending The real Work - Patrik Kuffs

Magic Video DVD: Control Freaks - Olivier Macia

Magic Video DVD: Jumbo Card Manipulations - Cyril Harvey

Magic Video DVD: Extreme Close-Up - David Acer

Magic Video DVD: Classic Studebaker - Peter Studebaker