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Magic Tricks, The Camirand Academy of Magic Approach

Magic tricks are the most popular form of magic entertainment. At Camirand Academy of Magic, tricks are developed in professional magic routines. This is why you get more value when buying our products.

All our products come with a photo illustrated booklet explaining the methods and performance of the routine to ensure that our Magic Tricks make you a star when you perform.

Magic Tricks and Human Psychology

Camirand Academy Magic instructions include all the aspects of magic including how to influence the psychological perception of your audience. Yes, magic is a process that happens in the spectator's mind. Perfrming is not enough to make a magic trick successful. Deception is a process of the mind and this is where the psychological angle make the differences in our instructions.

Magic tricks and Entertainment

Performer personality plays an essential role in the entertainment aspect of magic tricks. However, we often propose a performing angle to get you started by supplying a basic script or patter to use during your first attempt at learning our magic tricks. This provides a platform from which to grow a personal presentation that fits you.

Links to Learn Magic tricks

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Miscellaneous Magic Tricks

The following Magic tricks link are listed here because they belong to the miscellaneous magic tricks and are not included in the above groups

Misc. Magic Tricks: Enclavor & Libratror DURARY

Misc. Magic Tricks: Supershells, Gary Ouellet reference book on the Three Shell Game

Misc. Magic Tricks: The Two Goblets, Gary Ouellet on the Cups and Balls

Misc. Magic Tricks: The Homing Ring, Gary Ouellet, Finger Ring and Rope Routine

Misc. Magic Tricks: The Automatic Coffee Stirrer, Guy Camirand

Misc. Magic Tricks: House Mouse - Duraty

Misc. Magic Tricks: Keys to The Kingdom - David Acer

Misc. Magic Tricks: DynaSwitch - Mehdi Talbi

Misc. Magic Tricks: On Foot Richard Sanders

Misc. Magic Tricks: Deadlock - Patrick Reymond - David Acer