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Camirand Academy of Magic is proud to offer Magic DVD that are easy to navigate and offer many advantage such as Performance only of Magic Tricks, and combination Performances and Explanations of Magic Tricks.

All our Magic DVD have all regions encoding plus Dolby Stereo sound and many have the option of choice of language English or French. Most of them have the video recorded live in the birth language of the performer with voice over in the alternative language. Default language is English.

To learn magic tricks, Magic DVD are great, no waste of time to locate what you want to learn. Magic Tricks are explain with the Camirand Academy of Magic approach to teaching. Whenever appropriate, performer view is selected and the use of slow-motion video action make it easier to learn. Magic tricks at Camirand are selected for their potential to please a general audience as well as magicians.

List of Camirand Magic DVD, all Multi-Regions encoding

The following have audio option in English and French

Magic DVD: Enclavor & Liberatror - DURATY

Magic DVD: Smokin Candies - John Rogers

Magic DVD: Metal Bending The real Work - Patrik Kuffs

Magic DVD: Control Freak - Olivier Macia

Magic DVD: Jumbo Card Manipulations - Cyril Harvey

Magic Video: Classic Studebaker - Peter Studebaker

The following are Enghlish languange only:

Magic DVD: Thimble Dexterity - Joe Mogar

Magic DVD: Chameleon Knives - Joe Mogar

Magic DVD: Belanger Cig Thru Quarter

Magic DVD: Extreme Close-Up - David Acer

Magic DVD: The Complete BWMD Companion DVD (available as part of the set PS-009K)

Magic DVD: The Gypsy Thread companion DVD (available as part of set MV-004)

Magic DVD: Dream of Aces companion DVD (available as part of set MV-001)