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Guy Camirand

Put some magic in your next event!

The Camirand Academy, Montreal’s only magic organization with a world-wide reputation, and who has been at the forefront of the magic world for the past 30 years, is perfectly suited to provide the entertainment you need, at the price you are willing to pay.

In 2007, Guy Camirand received a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to magic in Canada and around the world from the Canadian Association of Magicians. In 2009, Guy Camirand receive a Presidential Citation from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his contribution to the advancement of the Art of Magic by teaching through DVDs by lecturing and performing.

We specialize in supplying professional magicians (many of which started their career years ago by following our world-renowned courses):

• office events
• convention shows
• trade shows
• hospitality suites
• television
• marketing consulting
• summer day event
• golf tournament
• corporate family events

• restaurant entertainment
• cocktails
• marriages
• banquet
• anniversaries
• children’s parties
• christmas parties
• day camps
• school and kindergarten

Call us today.

You will find our service friendly and reliable. We can handle anything from a card trick to an appearing car, from sawing a lady in half to supplying a magic clown for your child’s birthday.

We are also specialists in creating magic effects and illusions to help sell your product. Furthermore, we are directly connected to the international world of magic and can help you produce the smallest or largest magic show or presentation you can imagine thanks to our long time association with Gary Ouellet producer of many major world distributed TV specials such as World Greatest Magic, and World Champions of Magic.

Magic is an international, universal, performing art. It is the one field of entertainment that pleases anyone, of any age, of any cultural background. It has the most stunning demographics of any field in the area of entertainment, whether it be live performances, television appearances or specials, or the marketing of commercial products.

Guy Camirand has retired from performing June 2017

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