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last updated July 8, 2014

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Mark Tripp Comedy 101 2 DVDs set

an education in laughter with 14 Stand-up Stage Classics

Mark Tripp is a master of magic presentation in the tradition of masters like Karell Fox and Billy McComb. Actually in their footsteps since he was personally mentored by Karrel and Billy as well as Wally Wilson and Don Viano. Mark has combined the wisdom of his mentors with his own ideas and experience. This is a “workers” DVD. If you “perform for a living” you WILL FIND content here YOU WILL USE.

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DURATY's Enclavor & Liberator DVD & Accesories

Incredible Linking & Unlinking Cords
audio selectable: English or French

click here for demo video

Two fully-examinable, 24-inch cords pass through each other like smoke, linking and unlinking in increasingly impossible ways, without the benefit of gimmicks, boxes, or difficult sleight-of-hand.18 tricks and techniques are taught on this detailed DVD featuring Duraty`s legendary strings-and-ring routine! The routine can be performed close-up or on stage!

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Richard Sanders' Picture This - New Improved

Guy Camirand has redesigned the popular Picture This card effect with a white background to make the spectator's signature more visible. Your Picture as a child magician holding a deck of fanned cards is signed in the white background by a spectator. A spectator chooses a card from a full deck and the fan in the signed picture is transformed into the selected card and all the other cards can be seen on the floor of the picture. The signed card can be kept as a souvenir. This can be repeated immediately with different outcome. To learn more about this follow this link

John Rogers' Best Stand-Up Routines DVD

The Camirand Academy of Magic is proud to present two exceptional stand-up routines from the professional repertoire of award-winning magician John Rogers.

• The Walrus Ball Routine

• The Will Rogers Rope Routine

Plus bonus material on Cards, Rings and Rubber Bands magic.

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DeSouza's DeCeption Book plus 59 minutes Companion DVD

Written by David Acer, 142 pages hardcover

Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use, each effect tried and tested hundreds of times before thousands of people, then trimmed to remove every last ounce of fat. Imagine a repertoire of routines that can each steal a show, astonishing in effect and cunning in method, parcelled in presentations that are amusing, entertaining and engaging. Imagine that you are holding such a treasure trove of material in your hands right now... Chain Gang is a killer routine, right out of a professional's repertoire...an entertaining, interactive routine that you can learn fast and will do often.

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The Chain Gang Kit , Chain and DVD

Chain Gang is a killer routine, right out of a professional's repertoire...an entertaining, interactive routine that you can learn fast and will do often. Marc DeSouza's Chain Gang is just that. Not just cool moves, not just clever patter, but a highly commercial routine that plays for an exciting seven to eight minutes.

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Thimble Dexterity DVD

Considered by many to be the world's leading authority on thimble magic, Joe Mogar has finally tipped 50 years of moves and routines on this near-encyclopedic DVD. You'll learn techniques never before taught on video.

Thimble Dexterity is a landmark work on magic with regular thimbles, and a must-have for any serious student of sleight-of-hand.

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Plastic Thimble Set (4 red + 2 white per package)

These regular plastic thimble are the kind use by seamstress and recommended for magician manipulations.

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Chameleon Knives DVD

This long-awaited 95-minute DVD finally reveals Joe Mogar's lifetime of knowledge on the development and performance of the Color Changing Knives! A near-encyclopedic work; it contains 37 moves and 12 routines with knives

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Extreme Close-Up DVD

In this DVD Join one of magic's most unique personalities, David Acer, for 110 minutes of wildly expansive yet deeply intimate close-up mayhem!

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Classic Studebaker DVD

Master corporate entertainer Peter Studebaker finally surfaces from magic’s underground just long enough to share some of the inner secrets of one of the field’s most lucrative specialties. In this intimate lecture video, you will see Peter demonstrate his pet routines flawlessly, at the same time imparting the methodological and performing philosophies that have carried him to the very top of his field.

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Bélanger Cig Thru Quarter - now In DVD
Paul Bélanger

With many thousand sold since its release in 1984, this is still the finest handling for one of close-up magic's most memorable effects! Now you get this with DVD video.

Video performance and explanation by David Acer plus bonus presentation by Richard Sanders.

To learn more about Bélanger Cig. Thru Quarter DVD follow this link comes with US Quarter coin (Canadian coin also available by special request)

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John Rogers Cigar Manipulation
Smokin' Candies
66 minutes

Manipulation de cigares

Smokers and non-smokers unite! The reigning king of wooden cigar magic has finally decided to open the vaults on decades worth of tricks, tips and routines, much of which is being revealed here for the first time ever! AND VIRTUALLY ALL OF THIS MATERIAL CAN BE PERFORMED WITH ROLLS OF LIFESAVERS™, CERTS™ AND MENTHOS™!

To learn more about SMOKIN' CANDIES DVD follow this link

Our item VL-024D multi-regions encoding. Price USD $ 29.95 plus shipping


Ron Frost's Card Miracles
Companion DVD Running time 119 minutes

Meet Ron Frost. He’s the genius behind some of the most popular packet tricks of our time. Recently, however, Ron discovered that there are 46 more cards in the deck, and he hasn’t slept a wink since! In this, Ron’s first major book, he tips the card magic that has earned him both his reputation and his living for decades! Once Ron has a card chosen, anything is possible! Transformations, transpositions, transmutations, and they’re all here

Our item PS-011 book and DVD all countries encoded
Price US $ 45.00

To learn more about After The Force book & DVD follow this link

Random Acts of Magic - David Acer
Hard Cover Book - 352 pages
over 500 photographs

Prepare to be intrigued, delighted, elated – Random Acts of Magic is an inspired and inspiring collection of more than 60 brand new, bread-and-butter goodies, tightened and refined over thousands of shows, lectures and television appearances!

You’ll find astonishing tricks with cards, coins, markers, cell phones, matchbooks, matches, receipts, elastics, bottles, balls, bills, wallets, ties, spoons and finger rings, plus anecdotes, road stories, and the first 12 hilarious, thought-provoking essays from David’s column in Genii magazine!

Our item PS-012
Price US $ 45.00

To learn more about Random Acts of Magic follow this link

Jumbo Card Manipulations
Manipulations de cartes géantes
Note: Ce DVD a été enregistré en langue française
avec option de voix hors champs en anglais

Running time 106 minutes

From France comes F.I.S.M. award-winner Cyril Harvey with this astonishing collection of ground-breaking Jumbo card manipulations for stage. Over fifteen Jumbo card techniques carefully explained step by step !

This DVD features the next generation of sleights and routines for manipulators, drawn directly from Cyril Harvey’s F.I.S.M. act, in addition to material he regularly uses as one of the busiest stage performers and magic lecturers in Europe.

Our item VL-023D all countries encoded
Price US $ 35.00

To learn more about Jumbo Card Manipulations DVD follow this link


Attention Card Workers! Control Freak by Olivier Macia • OLMAC •
Running time 81 minutes

NEW NEW NEW NEW ------- Now in stock a Camirand Magic New Product

Experience new and totally invisible methods of card control from France’s award-winning magical entertainer Olivier Macia, along with seven devilish routines performed live in the V.I.P. tent at the 2002 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival.

THE ONE CARD PASS, THE SUBTLE CONTROL and the astonishing WOW CONTROL, plus their variations will all become deadly weapons in your close-up arsenal, and you will marvel at their effectiveness when performed under fire in real-world conditions!

VHS NTSC or VHS PAL: same price, we ship the standard for your country.
Our item VL-022D Price for Control Freak DVD Video:
Price US $ 29.95

To learn more about the Control Freak DVD Video follow this link


The Cabaret Act - Mehdi Talbi

There is something for all whether you work parlor or stage.

If it’s true that we learn by doing, then legendary Moroccan magician Mehdi Talbi is unquestionably a Master in the field of Cabaret Magic. He has done quite literally thousands of shows over 20 years as a professional entertainer, and honed every trick, every sleight, every routine to its finest point.

This is the work of an expert! For anyone interested in exploring the world of Cabaret Magic, The Cabaret Act and Lecture is a fine place to start!. To learn more about The Cabaret Act and the list of magical effects explained follow this link

Price US $ 29.95 (airmail $7.35 airmail to other countries)

The Complete Boris Wild Marked Deck PDF book and Companion DVD

Just think of the power you will have, if you could find any card in a shuffled deck face down in less than three or four seconds. What would you do if you had this power? Yes, miracles!

This 168 pages PDF book is the bible of the Boris Wild efforts on the BW Marked Deck. This book contains twenty mind busting routines which will entertain both layman and magician audience.

This companion video contains live audience performances of the most important routines in the book. There are routines with the BW Marked Deck and more elaborated routines that combine the BW Marked Deck with the Instant BW Memorized Deck.

You will be able to witness the impact of these miracles and this will help you to understand the psychological discussion explained in the book for each effect.

Bonus: The video also features the performance of the KISS ACT that earned Boris Wild a World Card Magic Prize at the FISM competition in Germany in 1997.

Our item PS-009K, The Complete Boris Wild Marked Deck Book: Price US $ 57.50
Free Surface postage to USA and Canada (US $ 14.35 airmail to other countries)

To learn more about this follow this link

The Gypsy Thread by Gary Ouellet

Learn the real work behind one of the most popular tricks of all time - and one of the few close-up effects that is often used by grand illusionists in their full evening shows. The Gypsy thread is perfect for your close up act, your next television appearance, or your current illusion show.

Thanks to modern advances in ultraviolet lighting this trick can be performed in the largest theatrical venues and still be amazing. Learn the exact methods that Gary Ouellet taught to Hans Klok, Alain Choquette, Kirby Van Burch, Steve Wyrick and other performers who use this masterpiece to close their full evening stage shows. This trick comes with a 44 page booklet, the companion video and a standard spool of Camirand Glow Thread. To learn more about The Gypsy Thread follow this link

This Camirand Glow Thread can be seen in the largest theater when illuminated with normal stage lights and will appear bigger under UV light. Excellent for The Gypsy Thread Trick.

To learn more about Camirand Glow Thread follow this link


Elite Kaps Wallet


To learn more about these wallets click on the picture

These wallets are manufactured for Camirand Academy of Magic to meet our high quality standards in craftmanship, and they are made of real leather for long wear.

My Way to Mentalism

For over 30 years, Tony Binarelli has done more than just fool his audiences - he has affected them. Using notepads, airplane tickets, cards, newspapers, and other everyday items people wouldn't normally think twice about, he creates the impossible, peering into the minds and hearts of his spectators with unfailing accuracy. He makes people question their eyes, their ears, their doubts, and ultimately, their very perception of reality, then he sends them home with a lasting sense of wonder. This is the magic of Tony Binarelli.

To learn more about this follow this link

Phil Matlin's Silver Sanctum

While the magician's back is turned, a spectator hides a match or other small object in one of two gleaming cylinders. Both cylinders are closed, then covered with ordinary opaque cups. The magician does not see anything, does not feel anything and does not hear anything, and yet, he unerringly picks the correct cylinder!

To learn more about this follow this link

LOCATION IMPOSSIBLE (not recommended for beginners)

What Seems to Happen
The magician asks two spectators to join him (call them ONE and TWO). He brings out a deck of cards, and shows that they are all different (they are). He hands the deck to TWO, asking him to check thorougly to ensure that the cards are not marked in any way. If performing before magicians, he can also ask TWO to ascertain the deck has no crimps, short, thick or long cards, or any other irregularities. He asks TWO to shuffle the deck to his heart's content.

The cards are spread out. The magician now turns around so that he can see none of the action. He then asks ONE to pick out one card and one card only, remember it, and return it anywhere he wishes to the deck which TWO is holding. Again, TWO is asked to shuffle the cards as much as he wants.

Only now does the magician turn around and ask for the deck. He spreads through it, removes one card and hands it face down to ONE. For the first time, ONE is asked to name it. ONE is then asked to hold up the card the magician gave him: it is the selection.

To learn more about this follow this link

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