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Founded over twenty years ago, the name Camirand Academy is synonymous with high quality publications, magic, utilities, videos and accessories. For three decades Guy Camirand has worked to release only the best original tricks with the best instructions on the planet.

What makes the Camirand Academy products different? First, no junk. Every product is a quality product. Second: no rip-offs. When Copperfield performed his four-ace routine on his TV special, the rip-off artists went into high gear selling such shoddy products as "Grandfather Aces". But the real trick behind the Copperfield presentation, the one that inspired the trick you saw on TV, and the best version of MacDonald's Aces ever to be released, was the original "A Dream of Aces" - a quality product with specially printed cards, a lavishly photo-illustrated book, PLUS a companion video.

That is only one of hundreds of items. For instance, did you see Harry Anderson perform the trick on World's Greatest Magic 5 where he changed a piece of blank paper to a real dollar bill with no thumbtip? That was Dynaswitch, from the Camirand Academy. Rick Thomas fools everyone with a totally impossible card prediction in his live stage show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. And he is performing Portent - from the Camirand Academy. And the list goes on and on. In a magical world of secrets, the Camirand Academy is the best kept secret in the business!

Ever buy a trick and get a one-sheet of crappy instructions leaving you to guess what the guy selling it had in mind? Every Camirand product comes with a detailed booklet, with lots and lots of photos, guiding you through each step. You never have to guess with a Camirand product. Sure, it costs more to produce, and the profit is less, but that is why the Camirand Academy has been in business for two decades.

The Camirand Academy stocks all of Gary Ouellet's products including:

  • lecture notes
  • books
  • tricks for close up and stage.

INCLUDING the released book "Music and the Magician" and the new compact disk "Designer Textures for Magicians" produced by Showmusic Digital, which contains the very same sound effects, music, and soundscapes heard on television shows such as The World's Greatest Magic, Death Defying Thrills, Lance Burton-Master Magician and others including many live shows of the top professionals.

You are invited to visit our memorial page to learn more about Gary Ouellet and his services to the magic community.

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