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Camirand Academy on Coin Tricks

Coin tricks are one the most popular form of magic entertainment using sleight of hands. This does not means that coin magic is difficult because there are special gimmicks that can make the process easier. However most professional coin tricks rely on a minimum level of dexterity involving sleight of hands.

At Camirand Academy of Magic were care to provide all our coin tricks with extensive instruction booklets and some are provided with a soft cover books like those in our Master of Magic Series - Coin tricks

If a gimmick is supplied, it is of a quality meant to be used on a regular professional basis, sorry no toys here.

Many of our magic books contains chapters on Coin, see Coin Tricks in our Books

List of Coin Tricks

Coin Tricks: Belanger Cigarette thru Quarter

Coin Tricks: Pickpocket - David Acer packet trick with coin ending

Coin Tricks: Spare Change

Master of Magic Series Coin Tricks

Coin Tricks: The Silver Passage - Gary Ouellet

Coin Tricks: The Coin Connection - Eric DeCamps

Coin Tricks in our Books

Coin Tricks Books: Close-Up Illusions - Gary Ouellet

Coin Tricks Books: Natural Selections Vol. II - David Acer

Coin Tricks Books: DeSouza's Deceptions Book

Coin Tricks books: Classy Close-Up - Gary Ouellet

Coin Tricks books: Close-Up Assassin - Richard Sanders