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Children Magic Camirand Approach

Camirand Academy did not released many items specific to children magic. However the Duraty House Mouse and the video series with L'il John the Clown on Entertaining with balloons are important to any magician who plan to make is career in the field of entertaining Children with Magic. Our approach to children magic is that the routine must have a magic content but to sustain their attention there must be a captivating story.

Although the L'il John video do not show any magic trick, there are a real lesson on how to play with children and their parents in a variety of circumstances, such as birthdays parties, shopping center or in a school show.

List of Camirand Children Magic

House Mouse, by Duraty

Entertaining with Balloons Volume 1: L'il John

Entertaining with Balloons Volume 2: Advanced Balloons

Entertaining with Balloons Volume 3: Showpiece Balloons

Rope Tricks: Thee Ropes and a Baby - Richard Sanders

Rope Tricks: Mamma Mia Rope Trick - Aldo Colombini