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Card Tricks with Playing Cards

Card tricks are the most popular form of magic entertainment. Everybody is familiar with cards. Tricks with cards, when perform properly are stunning and appear impossible.

Spectators will assume you have great sleight of hand skills even when the card tricks do not rely on sleight of hand. Many card tricks can be achieved with the easy to learn sleight of hand method we provide.

The Camirand Academy of Magic provides detailed instructions to help you learn fast. That includes, methods, presentations tips, psychological aspects when appropriate, as well as references to the origin of the tricks. All our instruction booklets include many photos, most of them from the performer's point of view to help as an aid to learning.

Card Tricks Links:

The following links are all Camirand Academy of Magic Card Tricks.

Card tricks: Finger on the Card Ouellet

Card tricks: Threshold Ouellet

Card tricks: Lips - Tony Binarelli - Ouellet

Card tricks: Boris Wild Marked Deck - Boris Wild

Card tricks: House Mouse - Duraty

Card tricks: Nomen Omen - David Acer

Card tricks: Thingamajig - Ouellet - Camirand

Card tricks: Pickpocket - David Acer

Card tricks: Top of the Heap - Gary Ouellet

Card tricks: Hot Dog - Patrik Reymond

Card tricks: The Dark Card - Jean Boucher

Card tricks: Shot in the Dark - Kondo, Mutsayama & Acer

Card tricks: Portent Instructions (without gimmick) - Choquette - Ouellet

Card tricks: Portent Instructions and gimmick - Choquette - Ouellet

Card tricks: Rumba Print - Vallarino

Card tricks: Dream Wonder - Vallarino

Card tricks: BandWich - Vallarino

Card tricks: Proton Deck - Boucher - Reymond - Ouellet

Card tricks: Money Shuffle -Hank Moorehouse

Card tricks: Picture This - Richard Sanders

Card tricks: Hyper Transpo - Stephane Lemelin

Card tricks: Location Impossible - Gary Ouellet

Card tricks: Swiss Pack - David Acer