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Cabaret Magic

Cabaret Magic Camirand Approach

Cabaret Magic is the kind of magic that is performed standing up in front of medium to large audience. The stage conditions and often not as good as in formal auditorium.

This type of magic is very visual and often perform to music or is performed with a comedy style presentation.

Effect and routine suitable for this kind of work are the same skill magic under the category Stage Magic

Cabaret Magic

Stage Magic: The Cabaret ACT - Medhi Talbi

Stage Magic: Jumbo Card Manipulations - Cyril Harvey

Stage Magic: House Mouse - Duraty

Stage Magic: Money Shuffle - Hank Moorehouse

Stage Magic: Elections Night

Stage Magic: Ceremony of the Immortals

Stage Magic: Portent

Stage Magic: Three Ring Circus Colombini’s Ring Routine

Stage Magic: Entertaining with Balloons Vol.1 - L'il John John

Stage Magic: My Way to Mentalism - Tony Binarelli

Stage Magic: Class Act - Tony Binarelli

Stage Magic: Close-Up Assassins - Richard Sanders (Bill in lemon)